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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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This mistress took her new slave to the house and she rode him. She had always wanted to have a horse but she could not live with it in the city. So she took a slave and she made him her temporary pony. The mistress had the time of her life riding him all over the house. She did not care how tired he was. She whipped him when he slowed down.

Princess Serena missed riding ponies and since she did not want to go in search of them, she chose to use a human one. She used her slave as a human pony especially since he had messed up. She had a reason to humiliate him and she did not worry about how he felt since he had messed up and she was having fun and punishing him at the same time.

Mistress Amy was mad at her boyfriend. She made him carry her all around the house. She is a heavy person so she made him get tired easily but she did not care about that. She wanted him to do what she told him and he had to do it. She even used her whip on him to make him go on when he was tired. It was cruel and brutal but he learned his lesson.

Mistress Amy had always wanted to ride a pony. But since she lived in a city, she did not have much chance of doing that. She also lived in an apartment. But she had a slave and she chose to use him as her human pony. The mistress had fun riding him and doing all sorts of things to him. He had to endure the pain as there was no alternative.

Mistress Gaia and her friend found out that this guy was hitting on both of them. They did not like it and they had to make sure he never did that to anyone else. He had to choose who he wanted next time and stick to them only. They lured him to mistress Gaia's house and they whipped his naked butt. The mistresses also rode him like a human pony. He was in pain but he learned his lesson.

Lady Karame knew her slave expected her to slap him or trample him after he had made a mistake. She did not want him to get used to one method of punishment as it would cease to be effective. So she surprised him with a pony play punishment. She undressed him, whipped him and rode him like a pony. She rode him for hours on end till he could not carry her anymore.

Madame Marissa wanted to use her smoke to humiliate this loser. She spat on the ground and she crushed it and rubbed it with her boots. She had this loser lick the dirty soles before they were allowed in. She had a great time humiliating the guy and making him do all the naughty and nasty things that she had in mind. He had no choice but to do them as he feared something way worse.

Mistress Gaia was not amused with how this loser behaved. She decided to turn him into her human pony. She rode him as punishment for his behavior. She made him tired and fatigued like never before and she laughed at him as he begged for mercy. She told him he should have thought of that before he had messed up. But now he had to face the music and pay for the consequences of his actions.

This mistress rode her slave and did not want to know what he was getting tired. She was testing his endurance so that she would know what sorts of tasks to give him and how to customize her punishments. She enjoyed riding him but he was in a lot of pain because of how heavy she is. She did not want to know about her heaviness because she was on a mission.

This mistress loves ponies and likes to ride them. She planned to go to ride one but it was raining hard outside and she could not go. So she used her slave as her human pony. She made him endure her weight and she kicked him when he was slow. He was exhausted and he felt like dying as she did not give him time to even catch his breath.

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