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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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Mistress Anna could not bring herself to come to terms with what her boyfriend had done. She tried to let it go but she could not. She sought to punish him and get even with him. She rode him like a human pony and she whipped him when he did not do as she ordered or when he got tired and sought to get some rest. He never pissed her off again.

Mistress Gaia is an unforgetful person. She is also an unforgiving person as this guy came to find out. He had messed with her unintentionally but she did not care whether it was intentional or not. All she knew was that she had to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress turned him into a human pony and she rode him for her fun and for his punishment.

Princess Serena was amused to learn that her slave had a fetish of being ridden like a human pony. It was one of those things she did not mind. So she agreed to ride him and she had fun doing it. She had her riding gear and she used it on him. She even hard a whip ready in case he did not do it as well as she wanted. They both had fun.

Mistress Amy had always wanted to ride a pony. But since she lived in a city, she did not have much chance of doing that. She also lived in an apartment. But she had a slave and she chose to use him as her human pony. The mistress had fun riding him and doing all sorts of things to him. He had to endure the pain as there was no alternative.

Mistress Gaia does not like people who take her for a fool. Her slave did and he disappointed her. She did not appreciate being lied to which is what he had done. So she made amends by trampling him, making him lick her heels as well as whipping him while he was naked. She also rode him like a pony before she tied his balls and she ballbusted him painfully.

This mistress loves to do naughty and crazy things. She wanted to ride a horse but she did not have one. So she turned her slave into her human pony and she rode him for fun. She made sure he carried her weight and she did not give him any breathing space. She whipped him when he slowed down and she cruelly tortured him to send a message to him.

Mistress Gaia and her friend found out that this guy was hitting on both of them. They did not like it and they had to make sure he never did that to anyone else. He had to choose who he wanted next time and stick to them only. They lured him to mistress Gaia's house and they whipped his naked butt. The mistresses also rode him like a human pony. He was in pain but he learned his lesson.

Lady Karame knew her slave expected her to slap him or trample him after he had made a mistake. She did not want him to get used to one method of punishment as it would cease to be effective. So she surprised him with a pony play punishment. She undressed him, whipped him and rode him like a pony. She rode him for hours on end till he could not carry her anymore.

Mistress Gaia knew her slave liked riding horses so when he messed up, she turned him into her human pony and she rode him. She did it for hours and his back was tired and he could not withstand her weight anymore. When he wanted to stop, she whipped his naked body which made him carry her for a few more minutes before he collapsed on the floor out of exhaustion.

Princess Serena loves ponies and she enjoys riding them all the time. However, she moved to the city where she could not have a pony. She lived in an apartment where she could not have a pony and because she missed riding ponies, she got herself a human pony. She got a loser and she turned him into her human pony. She rode him all the time and she did it for fun not as punishment.

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