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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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Mistresses Beverly and Stellina had tried all kinds of punishment methods for their slave. They were bored of doing them over and over again. Just before they were about to let their slave scot-free, mistress Beverly suggested they try riding their slave like a pony. They did and humiliated him a great deal. He had to endure the weight of the two mistresses as they humiliated and tortured him by turning him into a human pony.

Mistress Candy had to pass her exam in order to graduate and she did not want to take chances. So she forced her professor to make sure she passed. She humiliated him and turned him into her own pony. She rode him all over the place and she even tied a leash to his neck which she used to guide him to wherever it is that she wanted him to go.

Mistress BlackDiamoond's new slave was lazy and she did not want to let him get away with it. She had to make sure he changed and became hardworking and she knew she could do it only if she made him realize it was costly to be lazy. She humiliated and degraded him and she began by riding him like a pony before she went on and used other means to humiliate him.

This slave was beginning to disobey his mistress. She knew it was time to humiliate him and have him back at his position and that is what she did exactly. She rode the slave like a pony and even whipped him when he went out of line. She was naked form the waist down and she had done it intentionally to confuse him since she was humiliating him while she was naked.

Mistresses Teodora, Meg and Britney wanted to have a humiliation party. They did not want to have an alcohol and music party because that was too mainstream. They wanted something few people have ever done if at all so they settled on one to humiliate a loser as the main activity. So they got a loser and enjoyed humiliating him by riding him like a pony among other nasty and crazy things they did to him.

Lady Electra wanted to show this slave who was boss in that house. He had began to behave badly and she was not going to let it slide. She had to do something and she made sure she taught him a lesson. She rode him like a pony and humiliated him a great deal. She forced him to all that a pony does and she enjoyed it from where she was seated on his back.

Mistress Marina wanted to teach this loser a lesson and she did it cruelly. She whipped him while she rode him like a pony. She did not care how he felt. She only cared about the end result which was to have him learn his lesson. She humiliated him and rode him for a long time till he was tired and could not support her weight any longer then she let him go.

Mistress Clarissa tried to ride her slave like a pony but he was a very bad pony and the ride was not good. She got pissed at him for spoiling her ride and she punished him using her boots. She crushed him using her boots and made him feel a lot of pain in the process. She made him cry in pain and promise to do better next time she rode him.

Mistress Gaia likes to teach other mistresses how to humiliate. And today she was teaching one of her students how to humiliate and punish a slave using multiple methods. She taught her how to ride the slave like a pony before she whipped him. She also used her high heels to crush him before she let her student try it for herself. The student impressed her with how well she did it.

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