Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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When this mistress had her friends over to her house for a sleepover, they knew it was going to be fun even though they did not know what she had in store for them. They knew she was adventurous and fun and she did not disappoint. The mistress had a human pony for them and they had fun riding it and trying all manner of things on it. It was fun for them but not for him.

Mistress Bambina and her friend Teodora were inducting mistress Sonny into their group. She had passed the other stages of recruitment and the only thing that remained was initiation and induction. They rode her as a pony and trampled her. They humiliated her to give her a taste of what they do and what she would be doing to slaves and losers once she became part of them. Mistress Sonny braved it all and was inducted into their group successfully.

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