Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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This mistress rode her slave and did not want to know what he was getting tired. She was testing his endurance so that she would know what sorts of tasks to give him and how to customize her punishments. She enjoyed riding him but he was in a lot of pain because of how heavy she is. She did not want to know about her heaviness because she was on a mission.

This mistress loves her pony fetish. She had never ridden a horse before and she did not really want to because she had her own human pony which she felt was enough for her. Whenever she wanted, her slave could be her pony and still he could go back to his normal self and duties when she was bored with the human pony. Today she spent the day riding her human pony.

This mistress lives in an apartment and as such could not have a horse in her house. She turned her slave into one and she had fun riding him in the house. She even had a whip at the ready to punish him if he did not tow the line. She forced him to do all she wanted and degraded him and tortured him painfully as he had to carry her around for hours.

This mistress had a new slave and she wanted to train him. She had to show him how she likes her things done so that they would have little or no conflict. So she put him to task by using him as a pony. She told him to go on all fours and she rode him. She even whipped him so as to simulate a real pony experience. She did all this while dressed to tempt him.

Instead of looking for a pony to ride, this mistress went and bought a stuffed pony. She wanted to ride a real one but since where she lived could not permit her to own one, that did not kill her spirit. She bought the pretend one and she crushed it with her sexy ass. She made sure that the pony was well crushed using her butt and by the time she was done with it, she had exercised her butt muscles.

Mistress Hailey did not like how her brother squandered the money she had given her. She had to do something about it and she decided to ride him as a pony as punishment. She rode him while telling him that if he did not style up, she would punish him even worse than she was doing at the moment. She made him feel a lot of pain as he struggled to carry her. He learned his lesson.

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