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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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These mistresses did not care what this guy did. They ignored him but when he became rude to them, they could not allow it. He had to be taught to stop being rude to others and the mistresses did it by using pony play mistress to do it. He was turned into a human pony and he had to carry them all over and endure their whipping and caning, which was brutal.

Madame Marissa can stomach a lot of things from a slave but she cannot stomach a slave being rude to her. She kicked the slave hard and threw him on the couch when he was rude to her. It was the first and last time he was ever rude to her. The punishment he received plus being rode like a pony taught him a lesson he has never forgotten to date.

Mistress Clarissa tried to ride her slave like a pony but he was a very bad pony and the ride was not good. She got pissed at him for spoiling her ride and she punished him using her boots. She crushed him using her boots and made him feel a lot of pain in the process. She made him cry in pain and promise to do better next time she rode him.

Mistress Jamie Kate had tried all she could and now she was doing anything that came to her mind. She made her slave go on all fours like a pony. Then she rode him and and had fun humiliating him and ordering him around. The slave was humiliated while the mistress had fun. The slave's back was aching from the strain of carrying her but she did not care about how he felt.

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