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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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This mistress did not know what to do to her slave. He had messed up but not so much that he had to torture him. Instead, she decided to humiliate him. She teased him by wearing a g-string. He was turned on but could do nothing. She then rode him like a pony and had fun directing him to do and to go everywhere she wanted. He endured it because he had no option.

When this mistress reached home, she found her slave watching a show about ponies. It gave her an idea to ride her slave like a pony. He had to blame himself for it because he was the one who gave her the idea. She had a lot of fun but he was exhausted and in pain because he had to do it for an extended period of time and she whipped him at certain points.

Mistress Celine loves to humiliate her slave. But her slave is thankful that she does not torture him like other mistresses do to their slaves. She prefers to just ride her slave like a pony and when she feels she has had enough she lets her slave go. Being a human pony can be tiring but it is nowhere near being fucked by a strap-on like other mistresses do to their slaves.

Today this mistress was not going to work. So she had a lot of time on her hands and she was bored. It was not a good combination for her slave but he could not do anything about it. Luckily for him, she decided to ride him like a pony. She rode him over and over till he was tired but she did not want to know that he was tired.

This slave acted as if he was above his mistresses. He was not obedient and he ignored instructions. And since he had never been punished, he did not think he needed to be told anything by his mistresses. Fed up with his behavior, the mistresses taught him a cruel lesson. They whipped his butt and left red marks all over it. They also rode him like a pony just to add salt to injury.

This mistress loves ponies. Unfortunately, she lives in an apartment so she cannot afford to have one. Instead, she decided to turn her slave into her pony and she loves riding him all the time in her house. She loves to sit on his back and pull at his shirt or ears to direct him. She enjoys kicking his stomach to urge him to speed up and there is never a dull moment for her but not for her human pony.

Lady Electra wanted to show this slave who was boss in that house. He had began to behave badly and she was not going to let it slide. She had to do something and she made sure she taught him a lesson. She rode him like a pony and humiliated him a great deal. She forced him to all that a pony does and she enjoyed it from where she was seated on his back.

Mistress July did not feel like beating up her slave as punishment for what he had done. Instead, she wanted to humiliate him. After much thought, she decided to have fun riding him like a pony. It got more interesting as time went by and she forgot that it was a punishment and began enjoying it. She even promised herself she would get a real pony next time and ride it instead of her slave.

Mistress Hailey did not like how her brother squandered the money she had given her. She had to do something about it and she decided to ride him as a pony as punishment. She rode him while telling him that if he did not style up, she would punish him even worse than she was doing at the moment. She made him feel a lot of pain as he struggled to carry her. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Ava Black and her friend were in the mood to ride horses. But there was only one problem. They did not have any horse. And they did not really know how to ride them. So they chose a compromise which was to turn a slave into a human pony. They did so and rode the slave like a pony. They humiliated him but at least they had a lot of fun.

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