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Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

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Lady Alshari loves nature. But she also loves riding horses. She had traveled so she did not have access to her horse. When she felt like riding one, she got herself a loser nearby and she turned him into a human pony. She rode him for a long time and whipped him in an effort to train him to do what she wanted. It was cruel and painful for him but it was fun for her.

Madame Madison was starving and she wanted to eat. But her slave had started cooking late and the food was still cooking. To pass time, she needed something to take her mind off her hunger. She thought about it and since it was her slave's mistake that there was no food up to that time, she decided to humiliate him to pass time. She rode him like a pony and made him lick her shoes.

Mistress Nikky and her friend Nadya Fox have the hots for each other and today they could not contain themselves. They like it rough so they roughed each other up and Nikky rode Nadya like a pony before they got down to licking and caressing each other. The rough play turned the mistresses on and they were so horny and wet when they were done that they could not believe they had missed this all this time.

This mistress had always wanted to own a horse but she did not have a place to keep it. The HOA also did not allow it. So she decided to get a human pony instead. She turned her slave into one and she had fun at his expense. She rode him and even whipped him when she wanted him to go faster. The slave was fat and could not go as fast as she wanted so she whipped him a lot.

This mistress likes to make fun of her slave. That is why she has him in the first place. She does not have a slave to do chores but to be made fun of. She turned her slave into her pony and she rode him while she took her morning coffee. she even tied a leash to his neck and she used it to guide him. It was a lot of fun and she promised herself she would do it again.

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