Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Mistress Jamie-Kate did not have anything better to do so she humiliated her slave for fun. She turned her slave into a human pony. She rode him and even pretended to feed him by making him smell her shoes. She tied his shoe on his neck and let it dangle to his nose and he had to smell it as she rode him like a pony. It was humiliating for him but fun for her.

Mistress Denise was enjoying herself when her slave stormed into her room saying how hungry he was and there was no food. She was pissed and instead of giving him a solution, she used him as her horse. She rode him and enjoyed whipping him whenever he did what she did not like or he went where she did not tell him to. He carried her for hours and yet he was hungry.

Mistress Hailey has always wanted a pony but she is not able to get one because of where she lives. So she decided to get a live one instead. She turned her slave into her pony and she had fun riding him all over the house for several hours. She did not care that he was tired and his knees hurt. She was just interested in how much fun it was for her.

This mistress did not know what to do to her slave. He had messed up but not so much that he had to torture him. Instead, she decided to humiliate him. She teased him by wearing a g-string. He was turned on but could do nothing. She then rode him like a pony and had fun directing him to do and to go everywhere she wanted. He endured it because he had no option.

Mistress Breanna had not humiliated her slave in a while and she felt like doing it. She did not want to torture him so she used a light method of punishment and humiliation. She decided to ride him like a horse. So she got on top of him and had a lot of fun being carried around the house. She enjoyed it while he was humiliated and in a lot of pain.

When this mistress reached home, she found her slave watching a show about ponies. It gave her an idea to ride her slave like a pony. He had to blame himself for it because he was the one who gave her the idea. She had a lot of fun but he was exhausted and in pain because he had to do it for an extended period of time and she whipped him at certain points.

This mistress and her friend were bored in the house and they wanted to have a little fun at the expense of their slave. They had nothing better to do so they did not mind doing silly things to their slave. The mistresses rode their slave like a pony and had fun humiliating him. He was exhausted and in pain but the mistresses were having fun so he to endure it.

Mistress Daliah did not feel like humiliating her slave brutally. She sat down and thought about what to do to him because she did not feel like forgiving him even though she did not want to torture him painfully. She decided to ride him like a pony and that is what she did. She had a lot of fun doing it and though he was tired, he was grateful it was not worse.

Mistress Celine loves to humiliate her slave. But her slave is thankful that she does not torture him like other mistresses do to their slaves. She prefers to just ride her slave like a pony and when she feels she has had enough she lets her slave go. Being a human pony can be tiring but it is nowhere near being fucked by a strap-on like other mistresses do to their slaves.

Mistress Beverly had had a lot of fun riding her slave like a pony. It was so much fun that she wanted her friend Stellina to try it. So she invited her to her house and together the mistresses had fun riding the slave. He was ok being rode by one mistress however difficult it was but two were pure torture. They did not care and he had to summon all his strength to do it.

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