Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Mistress Gaia likes to teach other mistresses how to humiliate. And today she was teaching one of her students how to humiliate and punish a slave using multiple methods. She taught her how to ride the slave like a pony before she whipped him. She also used her high heels to crush him before she let her student try it for herself. The student impressed her with how well she did it.

This mistress had always wanted to own a horse but she did not have a place to keep it. The HOA also did not allow it. So she decided to get a human pony instead. She turned her slave into one and she had fun at his expense. She rode him and even whipped him when she wanted him to go faster. The slave was fat and could not go as fast as she wanted so she whipped him a lot.

This mistress likes to make fun of her slave. That is why she has him in the first place. She does not have a slave to do chores but to be made fun of. She turned her slave into her pony and she rode him while she took her morning coffee. she even tied a leash to his neck and she used it to guide him. It was a lot of fun and she promised herself she would do it again.

Madame Marissa likes to take a walk. It helps her think and it is good exercise as well. Today she went with her slave because she knew that the woods was a quiet place without people where she could humiliate and punish her slave. He had messed up and she wanted to punish him there. She turned him into a pony and made him carry her along before she finished the punishment by trampling him using her boots.

Mistress Jamie Kate had tried all she could and now she was doing anything that came to her mind. She made her slave go on all fours like a pony. Then she rode him and and had fun humiliating him and ordering him around. The slave was humiliated while the mistress had fun. The slave's back was aching from the strain of carrying her but she did not care about how he felt.

Mistress Amber has a sexy ass and she likes to sit on things for fun and sometimes crush them. Today she wanted to try pony play so she bought a small stuffed pony and she sat on it. She was pretending to ride it. It felt great sitting on it and she had a lot of fun doing it. When she was done, the pony was deformed because it could not withstand her weight.

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