Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Princess Jasmin does not like lazy slaves. When she realized this new slave was a lazy one, she sought to deal with the problem at that time. She did not want to postpone it so she stripped him naked and she got him to be her human pony play. She crushed him with her high heel boots and got him back up when he fell down from exhaustion. He learned to be hardworking.

Princess Serena missed riding ponies and since she did not want to go in search of them, she chose to use a human one. She used her slave as a human pony especially since he had messed up. She had a reason to humiliate him and she did not worry about how he felt since he had messed up and she was having fun and punishing him at the same time.

Mistress Gaia is an unforgetful person. She is also an unforgiving person as this guy came to find out. He had messed with her unintentionally but she did not care whether it was intentional or not. All she knew was that she had to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress turned him into a human pony and she rode him for her fun and for his punishment.

Mistress Amber loves ponies. She missed hers back in the rural area but she was now in town and she wanted one. Since she could not have one, she chose to turn this loser into her human pony. She rode him and made him do all that her ponies back home did for her. She even had a whip ready to whip him when he did not do as she asked.

When this guy messed with this mistress, he did not expect the punishment to be as bad as it was. She turned the guy into a human pony and she degraded and humiliated him. She did it in public so that he would be humiliated even more and did not care what he felt. She had her fun and she punished him and let him go after that as she had what she wanted.

This mistress had run out of ways to punish her slave. She is one of those mistresses who love to try different kinds of punishments. She does not like doing one over and over again as it is boring and secondly, she knows the slave will get used to it and render it useless. After brainstorming, she chose to punish her slave today by turning him into her human pony and riding him.

Princess Serena was amused to learn that her slave had a fetish of being ridden like a human pony. It was one of those things she did not mind. So she agreed to ride him and she had fun doing it. She had her riding gear and she used it on him. She even hard a whip ready in case he did not do it as well as she wanted. They both had fun.

Mistress Gaia wanted to teach her slave a lesson. So she punished him in a way he did not expect. She used her pony play fetish to do it. He expected a different punishment but he did not get it. She even whipped him when he slowed down. She got him to lick the soles of her boots and she also made him behave like a pony before she was done with him.

Mistress Amy was mad at her boyfriend. She made him carry her all around the house. She is a heavy person so she made him get tired easily but she did not care about that. She wanted him to do what she told him and he had to do it. She even used her whip on him to make him go on when he was tired. It was cruel and brutal but he learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia was tired but she had to punish her slave. She chose to do it differently. She chose to ride him like a pony and she cruelly did so. She forced him to carry her around. Being heavy, he was at pains to do it but she had a whip ready which she used when he slowed down. She had fun doing it and it was an effective punishment too.

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