Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Princess Serena loves ponies and she enjoys riding them all the time. However, she moved to the city where she could not have a pony. She lived in an apartment where she could not have a pony and because she missed riding ponies, she got herself a human pony. She got a loser and she turned him into her human pony. She rode him all the time and she did it for fun not as punishment.

Madame Marissa wanted to use her smoke to humiliate this loser. She spat on the ground and she crushed it and rubbed it with her boots. She had this loser lick the dirty soles before they were allowed in. She had a great time humiliating the guy and making him do all the naughty and nasty things that she had in mind. He had no choice but to do them as he feared something way worse.

Mistress Gaia was not amused with how this loser behaved. She decided to turn him into her human pony. She rode him as punishment for his behavior. She made him tired and fatigued like never before and she laughed at him as he begged for mercy. She told him he should have thought of that before he had messed up. But now he had to face the music and pay for the consequences of his actions.

Mistress Anna wanted her slave to learn to do things better so she made him do it. She did this by riding him like a horse. She had never done it before so it was humiliating as well as painful for him. She turned him into a human horse and she enjoyed riding him and whipping him. She rode him for long even when he was tired and made it a real torture.

Lady Amy caught her slave watching porn and she used her pony play femdom to punish him. She did not need him to agree to what she was doing as it was her call and not his. She turned him into her human horse and she rode him with a whip at hand to make him do the things which he said he could not do. She loved the experience and did it again and again.

Lady Ambers did not want her slave to get used to her slap fetish. She did not want her slave to render it useless by getting used to it. So she decided to try different methods of punishment. She chose pony play. She rode her slave like a human pony and watched as he struggled to carry her around. She even whipped him when he slowed down and was tired.

Mistress Lilu found out about pony play and she could not have enough of it. She did not want the kind of punishments people gave to slaves so she decided to use pony play because it was straight forward. She would ride her slave and only whip him when he did not do as she wanted. She forced the slave to carry her for long and to make sure he remained focused, she whipped him.

Princess Serena likes to treat her slave like a pony. She loves ponies but she does not own one and she knows she would not be able to have one where she stays. So she turned her slave into a human pony and she had fun making him carry her all over the house. She even whipped him when he did not follow her instructions. She used a cane to make him do what she wanted.

To make sure her slave respected her, this mistress rode him like a pony. She knew he could do it for a few minutes, but she did not do it for a few minutes. She did it for a few hours knowing that it would break his back. She flogged him when he started slacking and she knew he was struggling. She taught him a lesson and she knew he had learned it.

This mistress rode her slave and did not want to know what he was getting tired. She was testing his endurance so that she would know what sorts of tasks to give him and how to customize her punishments. She enjoyed riding him but he was in a lot of pain because of how heavy she is. She did not want to know about her heaviness because she was on a mission.

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