Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

This mistress loves ponies and likes to ride them. She planned to go to ride one but it was raining hard outside and she could not go. So she used her slave as her human pony. She made him endure her weight and she kicked him when he was slow. He was exhausted and he felt like dying as she did not give him time to even catch his breath.

Mistress Jenny does not like slaves who talk a lot. She likes to slaves who know when to talk as well as when to shut up. This slave needed to be shown how to behave so she used a whip and even rode him as a human pony. She made sure it was not only cruel but that it was also humiliating and painful for him in order to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Stellina loves horses but because she cannot have one, she pretends that her slave is her horse. She likes to ride him when she is bored. She makes him take her all over the house and she enjoys how humiliating it is especially when she is punishing him. It is also painful and when she is punishing him, she also uses a whip to go with the pony riding.

This couple had to look for fun things to do, Their marriage was becoming stale and they did not want it to go on like that. So the mistress suggested role play and they each had their day. Today was her day and she had fun riding him like a pony. She even whipped him lightly to make fun of him till she felt it was enough for the day.

This mistress has always loved ponies ever since she was a young girl. She moved to the city but she could not own one. She had to be without one but today she felt like riding one so she got a slave and she turned him into her human pony. She enjoyed riding him and she did it for hours and did not care how tired he was. When he slackened she whipped him.

Mistress Amber caught her slave eating food without washing his hands. And he was eating food directly from the fridge. She did not like it as she had to eat that food as well. She was pissed and to punish him, she made him carry her around. She had a whip and had turned him into her human pony. She made sure he did all she wanted and he was humiliated before she let him go.

Mistress Vanessa and her boyfriend love to role play. Today it was her turn. She wanted him to be a pony and he had to be one. She loved how he carried her around and acted like the perfect pony. He did his best for her and she loved it. His reward came later on as they got between the sheets. They always find away to make it end up in between the sheets.

This mistress was told of what her slave had done and as punishment, she made him carry her around like a pony. She was heavy on his back but she did not care. She forced him to do it again and again and he was not lucky as she did not have anywhere else to go that day so she concentrated on having fun at the expense of her slave.

This mistress did not feel like trampling or stomping her slave. She had to punish him nonetheless and she used her pony play fetish to do it. She rode him and he had to carry her for hours on end. He was tired and felt like collapsing but she did not care about how he felt. She made sure he did all she wanted before she let him go to rest.

This mistress wanted to see how obedient her slave was. She wanted to gauge so that she knew how to handle him as well as how to punish him when it got to that. She decided to turn him into her human pony. She had fun making him do what she wanted and riding him around the house. She had nowhere to go that day and she made him carry her till she was bored.

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