Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Mistress Cynthia and mistress Nadia had just finished their lessons on humiliation and domination of losers and slaves. The hot mistresses wanted to make sure that they practiced what they had been taught. They went and got themselves a slave and they enjoyed riding him like a pony. They also tied a leash on his neck and used it to guide him to do whatever they wanted him to do.

This slave was beginning to disobey his mistress. She knew it was time to humiliate him and have him back at his position and that is what she did exactly. She rode the slave like a pony and even whipped him when he went out of line. She was naked form the waist down and she had done it intentionally to confuse him since she was humiliating him while she was naked.

Instead of looking for a pony to ride, this mistress went and bought a stuffed pony. She wanted to ride a real one but since where she lived could not permit her to own one, that did not kill her spirit. She bought the pretend one and she crushed it with her sexy ass. She made sure that the pony was well crushed using her butt and by the time she was done with it, she had exercised her butt muscles.

Mistresses Teodora, Meg and Britney wanted to have a humiliation party. They did not want to have an alcohol and music party because that was too mainstream. They wanted something few people have ever done if at all so they settled on one to humiliate a loser as the main activity. So they got a loser and enjoyed humiliating him by riding him like a pony among other nasty and crazy things they did to him.

Mistress Gaia had always wanted a pony but she HOA did not allow such animals. So she thought about what to do and one day as her slave messed up and she was thinking of what to do to punish him, she decided to turn him into her human pony. That way, she was able to punish him but at the same time she was also able to have the pony she had always wanted.

Mistress Cadence asked her slave to do something for her but her slave did not do it. She was pissed that he had forgotten. She punished him to make sure he never forgot anything else she ever told him. He had to find a way to make sure he always remembered. So she trampled him with her boots and to make fun of him, she rode him like a pony.

Lady Electra wanted to show this slave who was boss in that house. He had began to behave badly and she was not going to let it slide. She had to do something and she made sure she taught him a lesson. She rode him like a pony and humiliated him a great deal. She forced him to all that a pony does and she enjoyed it from where she was seated on his back.

Mistress July did not feel like beating up her slave as punishment for what he had done. Instead, she wanted to humiliate him. After much thought, she decided to have fun riding him like a pony. It got more interesting as time went by and she forgot that it was a punishment and began enjoying it. She even promised herself she would get a real pony next time and ride it instead of her slave.

Madame Marissa can stomach a lot of things from a slave but she cannot stomach a slave being rude to her. She kicked the slave hard and threw him on the couch when he was rude to her. It was the first and last time he was ever rude to her. The punishment he received plus being rode like a pony taught him a lesson he has never forgotten to date.

Lady Marion complained about her slave to lady Inez. Lady Inez was surprised about it and told her slave to teach her a lesson. She told her friend to try different methods of slave punishment and humiliation. She even showed her how to do it. She ordered the slave to go on all fours and tied a leash to his neck. She then rode him like a pony and asked her friend to try it.

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