Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

Princess Cynthia wanted to test how strong her slave was. So she made him lift her high. She sat on his shoulders as he struggled to carry her around. She warned him against dropping her. If that were to happen, he would curse the day he was born. So the slave did his best to make sure she did not fall. Then she rode him like a pony and whipped him.

Mistress Jamie-Kare was bored and did not have anything to do that day. She looked around and instead of finding what to do, she saw her slave and she began thinking of what she could do to him for fun. She settled on humiliating him and using him as her human pony. she crushed his face with her boots as she rode him and whipped him at will ignoring his cries of pain.

This slave acted as if he was above his mistresses. He was not obedient and he ignored instructions. And since he had never been punished, he did not think he needed to be told anything by his mistresses. Fed up with his behavior, the mistresses taught him a cruel lesson. They whipped his butt and left red marks all over it. They also rode him like a pony just to add salt to injury.

Mistresses Beverly and Stellina had tried all kinds of punishment methods for their slave. They were bored of doing them over and over again. Just before they were about to let their slave scot-free, mistress Beverly suggested they try riding their slave like a pony. They did and humiliated him a great deal. He had to endure the weight of the two mistresses as they humiliated and tortured him by turning him into a human pony.

This mistress loves ponies. Unfortunately, she lives in an apartment so she cannot afford to have one. Instead, she decided to turn her slave into her pony and she loves riding him all the time in her house. She loves to sit on his back and pull at his shirt or ears to direct him. She enjoys kicking his stomach to urge him to speed up and there is never a dull moment for her but not for her human pony.

Mistress Candy had to pass her exam in order to graduate and she did not want to take chances. So she forced her professor to make sure she passed. She humiliated him and turned him into her own pony. She rode him all over the place and she even tied a leash to his neck which she used to guide him to wherever it is that she wanted him to go.

Mistress BlackDiamoond's new slave was lazy and she did not want to let him get away with it. She had to make sure he changed and became hardworking and she knew she could do it only if she made him realize it was costly to be lazy. She humiliated and degraded him and she began by riding him like a pony before she went on and used other means to humiliate him.

Mistress Cynthia and mistress Nadia had just finished their lessons on humiliation and domination of losers and slaves. The hot mistresses wanted to make sure that they practiced what they had been taught. They went and got themselves a slave and they enjoyed riding him like a pony. They also tied a leash on his neck and used it to guide him to do whatever they wanted him to do.

This slave was beginning to disobey his mistress. She knew it was time to humiliate him and have him back at his position and that is what she did exactly. She rode the slave like a pony and even whipped him when he went out of line. She was naked form the waist down and she had done it intentionally to confuse him since she was humiliating him while she was naked.

Instead of looking for a pony to ride, this mistress went and bought a stuffed pony. She wanted to ride a real one but since where she lived could not permit her to own one, that did not kill her spirit. She bought the pretend one and she crushed it with her sexy ass. She made sure that the pony was well crushed using her butt and by the time she was done with it, she had exercised her butt muscles.

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