Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

This mistress and her friend were bored in the house and they wanted to have a little fun at the expense of their slave. They had nothing better to do so they did not mind doing silly things to their slave. The mistresses rode their slave like a pony and had fun humiliating him. He was exhausted and in pain but the mistresses were having fun so he to endure it.

Mistress Daliah did not feel like humiliating her slave brutally. She sat down and thought about what to do to him because she did not feel like forgiving him even though she did not want to torture him painfully. She decided to ride him like a pony and that is what she did. She had a lot of fun doing it and though he was tired, he was grateful it was not worse.

Mistress Celine loves to humiliate her slave. But her slave is thankful that she does not torture him like other mistresses do to their slaves. She prefers to just ride her slave like a pony and when she feels she has had enough she lets her slave go. Being a human pony can be tiring but it is nowhere near being fucked by a strap-on like other mistresses do to their slaves.

Mistress Beverly had had a lot of fun riding her slave like a pony. It was so much fun that she wanted her friend Stellina to try it. So she invited her to her house and together the mistresses had fun riding the slave. He was ok being rode by one mistress however difficult it was but two were pure torture. They did not care and he had to summon all his strength to do it.

Today this mistress was not going to work. So she had a lot of time on her hands and she was bored. It was not a good combination for her slave but he could not do anything about it. Luckily for him, she decided to ride him like a pony. She rode him over and over till he was tired but she did not want to know that he was tired.

Mistress Anfisa had always wanted to ride a pony. But it was not possible where she stayed so she turned her slave into a pony. She forced him to carry her even though she was heavy. She even had a whip to whip him whenever he did not do it as she wanted. But the slave was happy it was not like the other punishments where she tortured him brutally.

Mistress Breanna had a pony growing up but not anymore. She missed it and today of all days, she wanted to have it again but she knew she was not able to. So instead she turned her slave into her human pony and she made him carry her around the house and do to him all the things her pony was good for. She even tied a leash to his neck.

Because of her sexy ass, this mistress knew she could do anything to her slave and she would not have to worry about anything. She had noticed he had a thing for her ass and had caught him staring at it a few times. So she used it to lure him to be her pony and she rode him like one and did all the things she used to do to a pony to him.

Mistress Kim knew that her slave was new so she did not want to be too harsh on him when he messed up. He was still learning things and since he had never been a slave before, it was all new to him. So when she chose to punish him, she used him as her human pony and rode him all over the house. That was her first punishment and she would graduate from it.

Mistress Anfisa caught her slave sleeping in her bed and she was mad at him. She does not share her bed with anyone and despite it being very comfortable, he did not have any right to sleep there. She rode him like a pony and she whipped him for what he had done. She did not want him to repeat that mistake and that is why she punished him as cruelly as she did.

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