Pony Play Mistress

Cruel mistresses abusing their slaves as human ponies

This mistress was told of what her slave had done and as punishment, she made him carry her around like a pony. She was heavy on his back but she did not care. She forced him to do it again and again and he was not lucky as she did not have anywhere else to go that day so she concentrated on having fun at the expense of her slave.

This mistress did not feel like trampling or stomping her slave. She had to punish him nonetheless and she used her pony play fetish to do it. She rode him and he had to carry her for hours on end. He was tired and felt like collapsing but she did not care about how he felt. She made sure he did all she wanted before she let him go to rest.

This mistress wanted to see how obedient her slave was. She wanted to gauge so that she knew how to handle him as well as how to punish him when it got to that. She decided to turn him into her human pony. She had fun making him do what she wanted and riding him around the house. She had nowhere to go that day and she made him carry her till she was bored.

This mistress teased this guy and told her she loved to role play. He agreed thinking it turned her on. She rode him like a pony and the guy braved the humiliation and waited for her to be turned on but it did not happen. Actually, it was him who kept getting tired and he nearly collapsed under her weight. But she did not want to know that he was getting tired.

This mistress felt like riding a pony and since she did not have one, she turned her slave into one. She did not have a reason to punish him so she looked for an excuse and she used it to ride him like a pony. She enjoyed it and she had fun making him carry her all over the house. She even whipped him and made him cry in pain as she did.

Princess Serena loves riding her slave like a pony. This is because she loves ponies but she never had the chance to own one. She also lives in an apartment and as a result, she cannot own one. So she has to settle for a slave as her human pony. She had fun cruelly humiliating him and she had a lot of fun doing it although the slave did not have any fun at all.

Mistress Ricky wanted to harden her slave so she rode him like a horse. She knew he would be tired easily but she whipped him so that he could endure the pain he felt. It was double punishment for him and he felt like the ground could have opened up to swallow him. She did not care about his feelings but she wanted to harden him and she did that.

These two girls wanted to have some fun so they settled on pony play. They went to a park but there was no pony. They however spotted a mean looking guy seated by himself. They asked him where to find ponies and he answered them rudely. They were pissed and they turned him into a human horse and rode him till he learned his lesson and apologized for responding rudely.

This mistress lives in an apartment and as such could not have a horse in her house. She turned her slave into one and she had fun riding him in the house. She even had a whip at the ready to punish him if he did not tow the line. She forced him to do all she wanted and degraded him and tortured him painfully as he had to carry her around for hours.

This mistress has a thing for pony play. She likes to ride them and she rides them anywhere she feels like. But today she did not have her pony as it was sick. She did not have a replacement so she made a lot of noise and threw a lot of tantrums till she used her slave as a human pony and rode him all over the field. He was humiliated and in pain.

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